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Traditional, Authentic and Freshly Cooked Thai Food

Thai Street Food Standard Menu

Spring Rolls
chicken or vegetarian

Phad Thai
chicken or vegetarian

Thai Red Curry*

Sweet & Sour*

Penang Curry*

Thai Green Curry*

Massaman Curry*
beef or chicken

Soft Drinks

*All curries served with Thai Jasmine rice

Our food is served on recyclable, biodegradable trays.


All dishes are gluten free except spring rolls and sweet and sour.

Spring Rolls

Thai style spring rolls containing glass noodles, minced chicken and mixed vegetables. Served with sweet chilli sauce.

Phad Thai

The classic Thai Street food. Stir fried rice noodle, flavoured with tamarind paste and fish sauce, mixed with tofu and mixed vegetables. Traditionally topped with red chilli flakes and crushed peanuts.

Massaman Curry

Believed to have originated in Southern Thailand this curry is consistently voted as on of the world’s best dishes. A rich and creamy coconut curry containing peanut, potato, carrot and onion and flavoured with turmeric, star anise, and cinnamon

Thai Green Curry

Takes it colour from the green chillies used to make the paste. A mildly spicy coconut curry sauce with green beans, red and green peppers, courgette and flavoured with sweet basil.

Thai Red Curry

A spicier alternative to the Green Curry. The red colour coming from the red chillies used to make the paste combined with mixed vegetables.

Penang Curry

A rich and creamy Thai curry which is believed to have been a favourite of Thai royalty.
Made with coconut milk, red and green peppers, kaffir lime leaves and bamboo shoots.

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5 Star Hygiene Rating